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Multimedia Projects (ELA4)

Project 1 – 5 x 5 Short Film

Project Design (Another Example)

Student Examples (here) and (here)

Videography Notes

Shot Notes (here)

Shot Examples (here) and (here) and (here) and (here)

Angle Examples (here)

Shot Composition Tutorial (here)

Shot Movement Tutorial (here)

Shot Sequencing Tutorial (here)

Storyboard Examples (here) and (here)



Big Lebowski Intro

Grow A Date South Classic

Guacamole Stop Motion

Oktapodi Short Film

Pixar Storyboarding 

Project 2 – Multimedia Book Review

Multimedia Book Review Instructions

Multimedia Book Review Presentation


Kirkus Reviews – Writing Examples

William Allen White Award – Student Stand Up Examples

My Side of the Mountain – Book Trailer Example

Making a Book Trailer iMovie Tutorial

10 Great Book Trailers Professional Examples


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