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Final Exam

Final Exam (AP Lang)

You will write two in-class essays during the final exam.  These are the two prompts.  You can do as much planning and outlining beforehand as you want; however, you will need to write it on the spot on the day of the exam.

Final Exam Essay Notes

Argumentative Essay Prompt

Argumentative Essay Scoring Examples

Analysis Essay Prompt

Analysis Essay Scoring Examples

AP Lang Rubrics

Argumentative Tool Kit

*Argumentative Essay Model (here)

*Persuasive Writing Notes (here)

*MELCON Paragraph Model (here)

*AP Lang Rubrics (here)

Intro – Context and Thesis (outline talking points)

Body Paragraphs – 3 Paragraphs

-Use logos and pathos to support

-Use examples and imagery to show

-Develop explanations/reasoning

-Address the opposition (yes…but)

Outro – Call to Action (include rhetoric)

Analysis Tool Kit

*Aim for a five paragraph analysis response

*Analysis Essay Model (here)

*MELCON Paragraph Model (here)

*AP Lang Rubrics (here)

Intro – Include lead/context, work/author, thesis with talking points

Body Paragraphs

-Organize body paragraphs by shifts/movements

-Cite and discuss evidence/rhetoric/logos/pathos use

Outro – Recap key ideas, extend/connect ideas to larger cultural/political discussion



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