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AP Seminar Resources

Themes and Lenses

AP Seminar Themes

AP Seminar Lenses

QUEST Framework

Question Formulation Technique

Examining Your Question Graphic Organizer

Evaluating Lenses Graphic Organizer

Lenses Democracy Example

Solutions and Conclusions Question Stems

Sourcing and Citing

Argument Analysis Notes

Argument Analysis Template

SOAPSTone Analysis Strategy

TED Talk Why You Think You’re Right Even If You’re Wrong

Unconscious Bias and Schema Development

Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers

RAVEN Credibility Test

Annotated Bibliography AP and  UNC and UT-A&M and Cornell

Annotated Bibliography Tutorial Video

MLA v. APA Format  Who Uses MLA/APA?


Argumentative Essay Structure

Thesis Development  University of Illinois and ThoughtCo

Paragraph Development (MELCON)

Synthesizing Sources 

Addressing the Opposition/Accounting for Perspectives

UNC Writing Process Concepts


AP Presentation Notes

TED Slide Deck

TED Presentation Literacy

Toastmaster Tips for Public Speaking

CBC Thought Leader



New York Times Ethicist

New York Times Room for Debate

New York Times Topics

ProCon Topics

SXSW Conference

TED Talk Topics


SM South Debate Presentation

SM South Library Presentation

Google Advanced Search

Google Scholar

Google Search Operators

Noodle Tools

SMSD Destiny

Kansas Library Journal Finder

Kansas Library Online Databases

Johnson County Library Online Databases

Johnson County Library EBSCO Database

Johnson County Library eCard Application

Johnson County Library Traditional Card App


Pew Research

US Open Data

World Economic Forum Reports

Online Libraries

Digital Public Library of America

Information is Beautiful

Johnson County Library

Kansas State Library

Kansas City History

Library of Congress

Prompts and Scoring 

End Of Course 2019 Prompt Scoring

End of Course 2018 Prompt Scoring

End of Course 2017 Prompt Scoring

PT 1 2019 Scoring

PT 1 2018 Scoring

PT 2 2019 Stimulus Scoring

PT 2 2018 Stimulus Scoring


End of Course Part A Rubric

End of Course Part B Rubric

Performance Task 1 IRR Rubric

Performance Task 1 TMP Rubric

Performance Task 2 IWA Rubric

Performance Task 2 IMP Rubric

TMP Oral Defense Questions

IMP Oral Defense Questions


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