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Narrative, Things They Carried, Writing

The Things They Carried


The Things They Carried Notes (pdf)

The Things They Carried Reading Guide (pdf)

Lesson Plan Activity (pdf)

Personal Narrative Activity

Personal Narrative Essay (pdf)

Personal Narrative Notes (pdf)

MLA Format (pdf)

Personal Narrative Rubric (pdf)

Personal Narrative Rewrite Instructions (pdf)

Personal Narrative Examples (pdf)

Common App Website (web)

Common App Example (web)

AP Okefenokee Swamp Activity (pdf)

NHS How To Tell Your Story (pdf)

War Poetry Activity

War Poetry Activity (pdf)

TPFAST Analysis Strategy (pdf)

The Things They Carried War Poems Full (pdf)

The Things They Carried War Poems Modified (pdf)

Argumentative Essay

Question 3 Prompt

Question 3 Responses

Argument Notes

Structure and Intro

Paragraph Development

AP Lang Rubrics

Color Coding Instructions

History of War Links

Vietnam 35 Years Later (web)

History Channel Vietnam in HD (web)

The Vietnam Tapes of Michael Baronowski (web) (10:50-13:40)

Impact of War Links

Washington Post How the VA Calculates War Injury Payments (web)

CNN The Fallout of War at Home (web)

NPR The Moral Injury of War (web)

The Wounded Platoon (web)

The Marlboro Marine (web)

SOS: Signs of Suicide (pdf)

New York Times Wounds of the Drone Warrior (web)

Connections to Text Links

The Long Road to Forgiveness (web)

The Girl-Kings of India (web)

American Scholar Why We Fight (web)

Admiral William McRaven Commencement Address (web)

Evan Wright Generation Kill (web)

Phil Klay Redeployment (web)

StoryCorp Interview with 9/11 Airline Ticket Rep Vaughn Alexx (web)

StoryCorp Interview with Sibling Survivors of Columbine (web)

Personal Narrative Resources

Confessing vs. Confiding (web)

The Great Beaver Rescue Effort (web)

Rick Reilly “Getting a Second Wind” (web)

Bob Greene “Cut” (web)

Brian Doyle “A Note on Camping” (web)

Brian Doyle “The Praying Mantis Moment” (web)

Brian Doyle “Barefooting” (web)

John Updike “A and P” (web)

Zora Neale Hurston “How it Feels to be Colored Me” (web)


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