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Career Research Paper (ELA 4)

Career Research Paper Career Research Paper Instructions Career Research Paper Resources Career Research Library Presentation Xello Access Instructions Xello Transcript Instructions Research Tools Occupational Occupational Outlook Destiny SMSD Learn How to Become Campus Explorer Career One Stop O*Net  Salary.com Khan Academy Kansas Library Vocational Databases Kansas Library Job and Career Accelerator Citing Sources Purdue OWL … Continue reading

Great Gatsby (AP Lang)

Notes Great Gatsby Chapter 1-2 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 3-5 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 6-7 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9 Notes (here) Stations Great Gatsby Chapter 1-5 Stations (ppt) Great Gatsby Chapter 4-5 Study Guide (doc) AP Pink Flamingo (pdf) Wolfshiem Scene (video) Argumentative Essay AP Art of Artifice Prompt (Question 3) … Continue reading

College Research Project (AP Lang)

College Research Project College Research Project Instructions (here) College Research Project Rubric (here) College Resources (here) Career Resources (here) Final Project Portfolio  Create a Folder in Google Drive – Name it your LAST NAME FIRST NAME Put all 3 Documents in your Folder and share it directly   Google Sheet of 3 Colleges Google Doc of … Continue reading

AP Seminar Resources

Themes and Lenses AP Seminar Themes AP Seminar Lenses QUEST Framework Question Formulation Technique Examining Your Question Graphic Organizer Evaluating Lenses Graphic Organizer Lenses Democracy Example Solutions and Conclusions Question Stems Sourcing and Citing Argument Analysis Notes Argument Analysis Template SOAPSTone Analysis Strategy Unconscious Bias and Schema Development Annotated Bibliography AP and  UNC and UT-A&M MLA v. APA … Continue reading

Final Exam (AP Lang)

You will write two in-class essays during the final exam.  These are the two prompts.  You can do as much planning and outlining beforehand as you want; however, you will need to write it on the spot on the day of the exam. Final Exam Essay Notes Argumentative Essay Prompt Argumentative Essay Scoring Examples Analysis … Continue reading

Final Exam (ELA 4)

You will need to create two products for the final exam – an analysis essay and a mission, vision, values, and goals paper. Here are the two choices for the analysis essay — Nerds Essay Civil War Essay Here are the prompts for the mission, vision, values, and goals paper — Mission, Vision, Values, and … Continue reading

Multimedia Projects (ELA4)

Project 1 – 5 x 5 Short Film Project Design (Another Example) Student Examples (here) and (here) Videography Notes Shot Notes (here) Shot Examples (here) and (here) and (here) and (here) Angle Examples (here) Shot Composition Tutorial (here) Shot Movement Tutorial (here) Shot Sequencing Tutorial (here) Storyboard Examples (here) and (here) Resources/Extras Storyboard Big Lebowski Intro … Continue reading

3P Project (AP Lang)

Project Design and Evaluation Project Design Project Notes Paper Rubric (AP Lang Argument) Presentation Rubric (AP Seminar IMP) Poster/PSA Rubric (CTE Graphic Design) Student Examples Synergy Services Paper (here) Tom Carlin Foundation Paper (here) Band as a Gym Credit Graphic (here) KC Pet Project Graphic (here) Project Resources College Board Developing an Argument (here) Call … Continue reading

Canterbury Tales (ELA4)

Canterbury Tales Notes Canterbury Tales Reading Canterbury Tales Audio Canterbury Tales Character Analysis Group Work Canterbury Tales Character Sketch and Character Analysis Summative Project Character Sketch Student Examples Here and Here Satire Examples Magna Soles Onion Article Kansas Rectangle Onion Article What It Takes to be a Jerk Dave Barry Shopping Cart Rage Dave Barry  … Continue reading

Into the Wild (AP Lang)

Transcendentalism Emerson / Thoreau Notes Emerson / Thoreau Group Work  Resistance to Civil Government Images (here) and (here) Notes Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Notes (here) Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Station Work (here) Into the Wild Chapters 8-15 Notes (here) Into the Wild Chapters 16-End Notes (here) Into the Wild Character Map and Timeline … Continue reading