The Writing Process

Teaching Argumentation – New York Times

Generating Topics – Pro Con     New York Times     Allsides     ThoughtCo 

Analyzing Resources – TPFAST

Vetting Resources – Resources

Identifying Logical Fallacies – Purdue OWL UNC Writing Lab

Pulling Text Evidence – Graphic Organizer

Crafting a Thesis – ThoughtCo Center for Writing Studies

Building Sentences – They Say I Say Templates

Constructing a Paragraph – MELCON Model

Constructing a Paragraph – UNC Model

Structuring an Analysis Essay – Sample Model

Structuring an Argumentation Essay – Sample Model

Writing a Call to Action – Six Minutes Speaking Skills

Writing a Conclusion – Dos and Don’ts

Argumentation – The 7Cs

Argumentation – Resources

Integrating Quotes – Practice

Formatting the Paper – MLA Format / Sample Paper / Sample Paper

Formatting the Citations – MLA Citations

Formatting the Works Cited Page – MLA Works Cited

Peer Editing the Paper – Sample Form

Rewriting the Paper – Color-Coding Activity

Evaluating the Paper – Sample Rubrics Sample Rubric Sample Rubric

Writing Tips

Pixar in a Box – Storytelling

Poynter Institute 50 Tips

NHS How To Tell Your Story 

University of Texas AM Writing and Speaking Guides

Writing Labs

University of Kansas

University of North Carolina


Places for Teens to Publish

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