Death of Salesman

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Death of a Salesman (AP Lang)

Notes Death of a Salesman Notes (here) Death of a Salesman Infographic (here) Death of a Salesman New York Times (here) Audio Death of Salesman Audio (here) Death of Salesman Movie (here) Biff Loman Soliloquy (here) Study Guides Study Guide Act 1 (here) Study Guide Act 2 (here) Triptych Project  Triptych Project (pdf) Triptych Rubric … Continue reading

Spring Break Portfolio

Personal Research Essay Rewrite Fix all issues in the graded essay — annotate new final essay — share new final essay through Google Drive — Send new final essay to sogatewo@smsd.org Intro — Label the following parts: Personal context, Novel context, Thesis/Question Body Paragraphs — Color the following parts: Main Idea Sentence (Blue), Examples (Red), Explanations (Yellow), and … Continue reading