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Final Exam (AP Lang)

You will write two in-class essays during the final exam.  These are the two prompts.  You can do as much planning and outlining beforehand as you want; however, you will need to write it on the spot on the day of the exam. Final Exam Essay Notes Argumentative Essay Prompt Argumentative Essay Scoring Examples Analysis … Continue reading

Final Exam (ELA 4)

You will need to create two products for the final exam – an analysis essay and a mission, vision, values, and goals paper. Here are the two choices for the analysis essay — Nerds Essay Civil War Essay Here are the prompts for the mission, vision, values, and goals paper — Mission, Vision, Values, and … Continue reading

Final Exam

Final Exam Rewrite Notes and Instructions Final Exam notes and rewrite instructions (here) *Out of Class Analysis Essay (Bring PRINTED COPY to Final) *Choose one of two prompts – Question 2 of AP Exam Sanders (2007 AP Exam) Chavez (2015 AP Exam) *Type five paragraph analysis response -Organize by shifts/movements -Use MELCON model for body … Continue reading

Final Exam Rewrite

Instructions Fix and rewrite your final exam in-class argumentative essay — Due Tuesday 12 January — Share on Google Classroom — Use MLA format *Intro — Label context and thesis *Body Paragraphs — Color code — Topic/Summary sentences in Blue — Statements in Red — Supports in Yellow *Outro — Label rhetoric and call to action … Continue reading

Final Exam

Final Exam  10 Second Film Fest 10 x 1 Second Shots Linear or Nonlinear Vimeo Examples (here)