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AP Seminar Resources

Understanding the Performance Tasks 

PT1 Instructions

PT1 Oral Defense Questions

IRR Rubric

TMP Rubric

PT2 Instructions

IWA Rubric 

IMP Rubric

AP Seminar Video Notes 

AP Seminar PT1 Debrief and PT2 Preview

Choosing a Topic Resources  


New York Times Ethicist

New York Times Room for Debate

New York Times Topics

ProCon Topics

SXSW Conference 

Ted Talk Archive 

World Economic Forum Agenda

Developing a Question Resources 

AP Seminar Themes 

Question Stems 

Examining A Research Question 

Evaluating a Source Resources 

Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers 

How to Spot Fake News

News Slant Graphic 1

News Slant Graphic 2


RAVEN Framework

5 Tiers of Credibility 

Analyzing a Source Resources 

AP Argument Analysis Template

AP Argument Analysis Guidance 

Writing a Paper Resources 

Paragraph Structures

MELCON Model   

AXES Model

PEAL Model

Thoughts on Thesis

Conversation Between Sources

They Say I Say Templates 

They Say I Say Notes 

UNC Literature Review

Citation Formats 

MLA v. APA Purdue OWL   

UNC Writing Lab

Texas A & M Writing Lab

Who Uses MLA/APA?

MLA Cheat Sheet KU / APA Cheat Sheet KU

MLA Blog / APA Blog

OWL MLA Sample Paper

OWL MLA Sample Works Cited

OWL APA Sample Paper

Researching a Topic Resources 

*Focus on Google Scholar / JStor / EBSCO  

SM South Library Presentation

SM South Library Passwords

SM South Debate Presentation

Google Advanced Search

Google Scholar

Google Search Operators

Noodle Tools (Good for Citations)

SMSD Destiny

Kansas Library Journal Finder

Kansas Library Online Databases

Johnson County Library Online Databases

Johnson County Library EBSCO Database

Johnson County Library eCard Application

Johnson County Library Traditional Card App

ABC-CLIO (Good for Finding Topics – See Issues) 

Pew Research

US Open Data

Creating a Presentation 

TMP Rubric

TMP Outline 1

TMP Outline 2

TMP South Examples

One AP Seminar Teacher’s Examples

AP Presentation Notes 

TED Talk Slide Deck Notes

Presentation Literacy

Presentation Visuals

Thought Leader Presentation 


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