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Great Gatsby


Great Gatsby Chapter 1-2 Notes (here)

Great Gatsby Chapter 3-5 Notes (here)

Great Gatsby Chapter 6-7 Notes (here)

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9 Notes (here)


Great Gatsby Chapter 1-5 Stations (ppt)

Great Gatsby Chapter 4-5 Study Guide (doc)

AP Pink Flamingo (pdf)

Wolfshiem Scene (video)

Argumentative Essay

AP Art of Artifice Prompt (Question 3) (here)

AP Art of Artifice Examples and Scoring (Question 3) (here)

Rewrite Instructions (here)

Argumentative Essay Model (here)

Argumentative Essay Rubric (here)

Hedges Essay (here)

Analysis Essay

Great Gatsby Inclass Essay (here)

Great Gatsby Essay Notes (here)

Great Gatsby Student Notes (here)

Great Gatsby Inclass Response (See Ex B) (here)

Great Gatsby Rewrite Instructions (here)

Two Minute Toast

Two Minute Toast Assignment (here)

Two Minute Toast Rubric (here)

Wall Street Journal Tips (here)

Toastmasters International Tips (here) (here)

Oratory Laboratory Tips (here)


Gatsby Movie Trailer (here)

Gatsby Nintendo Game (here)

NPR How Gatsby Became a Great American Novel (here)

BBC The World’s Most Misunderstood Novel (here)

New York Times Article on the Green Light (here)

New York Times Article on the New West Egg (here)

New York Times All Things Fitzgerald (here)

American Scholar Article on Fitzgerald Essays (here)

American Scholar Fitzgerald Tax Returns (web)

Atlantic Article on the New Gatsby Film (here)

Huffington Post Article on the New Gatsby Film (here)

Huffington Post 7 Life Lessons from Gatsby (here)

Wall Street Journal Review of Gatsby Play (here)

New Yorker Article Doomsday Prep for the Super Rich (here)

NPR Article on New Money in Shanghai (here)

FBI Story on Kansas City Massacre (here)

Living History at Union Station (here)

NPR Story on Kansas City’s Mob History (here)


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