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The Things They Carried

Notes The Things They Carried Notes (pdf) The Things They Carried Reading Guide (pdf) Lesson Plan Activity (pdf) Personal Narrative Activity Personal Narrative Essay (pdf) Personal Narrative Notes (pdf) MLA Format (pdf) Personal Narrative Rubric (pdf) Personal Narrative Rewrite Instructions (pdf) Personal Narrative Examples (pdf) Common App Website (web) Common App Example (web) AP Okefenokee … Continue reading

Argumentative Essay (ELA 4)

Argumentative Writing  Notes Framework Thesis Paragraphs Intro and Body Examples Intro Example Assignment Essay Getting Started Themes Lenses Values–50 Core Values  UN 30 Human Rights  Issues–ProCon  New York Times Causes–Greater Kansas City Nonprofits Follow Up Activity  Response Paragraph Student Essay Topics Media Literacy Graphic CRAP Test Example Search Operators SMS Library Website MLA Format MLA … Continue reading

This I Believe

This I Believe Speech (here) NPR This I Believe Website (here)

Vetting Resources

Websites School Library Journal Digital Resource Center Center for Media Literacy Ted-Ed Easy Bib Handout Analyzing Resources Graphics Fake News Checklist  News Source / Political Slant  Research Stanford Study  

AP Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Activity AP Literature Free Response Prompt with Analysis Essay Outline (pdf) AP Literature Examples (pdf) AP Literature Guidelines (pdf) AP Literature Scoring (pdf) Melcon Paragraph Model (pdf) Analysis Essay Rewrite Instructions (pdf) Analysis Essay Notes (pdf) Analysis Essay Example (Using Text Evidence) (pdf)


Notes Argumentation Notes (here) Kibin Argumentative Model (here) Readings Toothpaste and Dumpster Analysis (here) AP Practice Essays 2013 AP Analysis Separation of Human and Nature (here) 2014 AP Argument Creativity Crisis (here) 2014 AP Synthesis College Cost (here) Synthesis Essay AP Language and Composition — Question 1 Synthesis Essay on Conformity Prompt (here) Synthesis Essay … Continue reading

Personal Research Essay

Personal Research Essay Question Stems (pdf) Research Essay Assignment (pdf) District Argumentative Rubric (here) MELCON Paragraph Model (here) MLA Format (here) Into the Wild Essay Examples (here) KC by Bike Image Examples (here) Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie (here)

Writing Resources

Writing Process  Pro Con Resources (here) New York Times 200 Topics (here) Persuasive Writing Notes (here) TPFAST Text Analysis Tool (here) Text Evidence Graphic Organizer (here) Analyzing Resources (here) UNC Paragraph Model (here) Melcon Paragraph Model (here) Analysis Essay Model (here) 7Cs of Argumentation (here) Argumentative Essay Resources (here) Kibin Argumentative Model (here) Quote Integration (here) … Continue reading

For English Geeks Only

Articles ABCs of Writing (here) The Origin of Sentences (here) Stopping Word Thieves (here) Three R’s of Narrative Nonfiction (here) Much Reading. Wow. (here) On Weirdness (here) Resources Elements of Style — Strunk and White (here) On Writing — King (here) On Writing Well — Atkins (here) Good Readers and Good Writers — Nabokov (here) Rules … Continue reading

Creative and Critical Writing Prompts

Discuss your school as an institution.  What is the purpose of a public high school?  In what ways should it promote individuality or conformity?  In what ways would you change it in order to make it better, safer, healthier, more productive environment?  Write about one thing that will become obsolete in your lifetime.  Write about … Continue reading