Vertical Team

South ELA Program Guide

South ELA Student Pathway One Pager

SMSD ELA Priority Standards ELA 1 / ELA 2 / ELA 3 / ELA 4

South Area ELA Vertical Team Profile of a Graduate

SMSD Strategic Plan

KSDE ELA Parent Guides

KSDE School Redesign Principles


Key Grammar Terms

Key Vocabulary Practices

Approved Novel List High School


AP Hall of Fame

ELA Students of the Year

AP English Language and Composition Results

Places for Teens to Publish

AP Program

Introduction to an AP Program

Resources for an AP Program

Resources for the AP Capstone Program 

AP Exam Resources

AP Teacher Tips

PLC Tool Kit

Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration Presentation

Building a PLC Program Logic Model

Culture of Learning Graphic

RTI Pyramid of Interventions

Professional Development Differentiation Graphic

56 Formative Assessment Examples

Instructional Strategies Chart

Jim Burke’s Academic Vocabulary

Broad Instructional Practices

Blended Learning (here)

Civic Engagement (here) (here) (here)

Classroom Design (here)

Culturally Responsive Teaching (here) (here)

Digital Resources (here) (here)

Feedback (here) (here) (here)

Graphic Organizers (reading) (studying) (summarizing) (various)

Handling the Paper Load (here)

Hattie Visible Learning and Effect Size (here) (here)

Motivation and Engagement (here) (here) (here)

Priority Standards (here)

The Third Teacher (here)

Specific Instructional Practices

Fishbowl (here)

Four Corners (here)

Jigsaw (here)

Literature Circles / Note Taking (here)

Reteaching Tools (here)

Socratic Seminar (here) (here) (here) (rubric)

Station Rotation (here)

Tabletop Twitter (here)

Think Pair Share (here)

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