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Into the Wild

Into the Wild


Emerson / Thoreau Notes

Emerson / Thoreau Group Work 

Resistance to Civil Government Images (here) and (here)


Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Notes (here)

Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Station Work (here)

Into the Wild Chapters 8-15 Notes (here)

Into the Wild Chapters 16-End Notes (here)

Into the Wild Character Map and Timeline (here)

AP Argumentative Essay

Essay Notes (pdf)

Adversity Essay Prompt (pdf)

Ownership Essay Prompt (pdf)

Adversity Response (pdf)

Ownership Response (pdf)


New Yorker How Chris McCandless Died (web)

Outside Magazine The Chris McCandless Obsession (here)

Jon Krakauer’s New Theory of Chris McCandless’s Death (web)

All That’s Interesting Chris McCandless Story (here)

Carine McCandless Autobiography (web) and (web)

The  Mystery of Everett Ruess Solved (here)

PBS Return to the Wild (web)

The Slabs (here) and (here)

The Salton Sea (here)

The Salton Sea and Search for Lithium (here)

Into the Wild Movie Trailer (here)

Into the Wild Soundtrack by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder (here) and (here) and (here)

Iconoclasts Krakauer and Penn (here) and (here) and (here)

Grizzly Man movie trailer (here)

Drawn movie trailer (here)

The North Pond Hermit (here)

Colton Harris-Moore The Bare Foot Bandit (here) and (here) and (here)

NPR Mountain Climbing (here)

Fast Money Spend Money on Experiences not Things (here)


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