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Into the Wild

Transcendentalism Emerson / Thoreau Notes Emerson / Thoreau Group Work  Resistance to Civil Government Images (here) and (here) Notes Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Notes (here) Into the Wild Chapters 1-7 Station Work (here) Into the Wild Chapters 8-15 Notes (here) Into the Wild Chapters 16-End Notes (here) Into the Wild Character Map and Timeline … Continue reading

AP Seminar Resources

Understanding the Performance Tasks  PT1 Instructions PT1 Oral Defense Questions IRR Rubric TMP Rubric PT2 Instructions IWA Rubric  IMP Rubric AP Seminar Video Notes  AP Seminar PT1 Debrief and PT2 Preview Choosing a Topic Resources   Allsides New York Times Ethicist New York Times Room for Debate New York Times Topics ProCon Topics SXSW Conference  Ted … Continue reading

Great Gatsby

Notes Great Gatsby Chapter 1-2 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 3-5 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 6-7 Notes (here) Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9 Notes (here) Stations Great Gatsby Chapter 1-5 Stations (ppt) Great Gatsby Chapter 4-5 Study Guide (doc) AP Pink Flamingo (pdf) Wolfshiem Scene (video) Argumentative Essay AP Art of Artifice Prompt (Question 3) … Continue reading

The Things They Carried

Notes The Things They Carried Notes (pdf) The Things They Carried Reading Guide (pdf) Lesson Plan Activity (pdf) Personal Narrative Activity Personal Narrative Essay (pdf) Personal Narrative Notes (pdf) MLA Format (pdf) Personal Narrative Rubric (pdf) Personal Narrative Rewrite Instructions (pdf) Personal Narrative Examples (pdf) Common App Website (web) Common App Example (web) AP Okefenokee … Continue reading

Continuous Learning Classroom

Welcome to the Continuous Learning Classroom. Please read the course introduction for the framework of the class. Please see the weekly setlists for daily learning opportunities. Best wishes as we navigate the path before us. Have fun.  Work hard.  Be good.  Learn something. Course Introduction Course Setlists  

AP Lang Exam Review

AP Lang Exam Important Info The AP Lang Exam will be May 20. It will be a rhetorical analysis essay. The notes from April 8 walk through the entire analysis essay process. AP Exam Testing Dates for All Exams AP Exam Resource Folder AP Lang Exam Video Notes (Starting April 8) AP Lang Exam Video … Continue reading

Rhetoric and Propaganda (ELA 4)

Notes Argumentation – Rhetoric Persuasion – Propaganda Readings Toothpaste and Dumpster Diving Essays New York Times The Players Tribune Los Angeles Times Videos Nike Snow Day Kansas Lottery The Real Cost of Smoking Projects Commercial Analysis and Production Commercial Production Notes Storyboard Template Storyboard Toy Story Example Storyboard Student Example

Death of a Salesman (AP Lang)

Notes Death of a Salesman Notes (here) Death of a Salesman Infographic (here) Death of a Salesman New York Times (here) Audio Death of Salesman Audio (here) Death of Salesman Movie (here) Biff Loman Soliloquy (here) Study Guides Study Guide Act 1 (here) Study Guide Act 2 (here) Triptych Project  Triptych Project (pdf) Triptych Rubric … Continue reading

Career Research Paper (ELA 4)

Career Research Paper Career Research Paper Instructions Career Research Paper Resources Career Research Library Presentation Career Research Paper Interview Instructions Career Research Paper Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Career Research Paper Rubric Raider Writing Rubric Career Research Paper Outlining Tools Career Research Paper Sample Xello Access Instructions Xello Transcript Instructions Research Tools Occupational Occupational Outlook Destiny SMSD … Continue reading