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Advanced Placement Hall of Fame

Advanced Placement Hall of Fame

Awarded to students who perform well on the AP exam

Language and Composition                                              Literature and Composition


Teagan Jarchow

John Eric Kelley

Oliver L’Esperance

Sean Logan

Todd Nobles

Rachel North

Evan O’Brien

Claire Thomas

Elizabeth Trites

Josh Watkins

2011                                                                                  2011

Alex Alfaro

Shira Bernard

Mikaela Carson

Will Cockriel

Max Eddington

Shilpi Ganguly

Ash Hung

Brandon Jenkins

Dara McGreal

Josh Persechini

Allison Rand

Nathaniel Routh

Ariana Turner

Amanda Zimmerman

2010                                                                                 2010

Justin Foster

Whitney Fowler

Asher Herbet

Rachel Iba

Hope Jasperson

Mairin Kazmi

Julia Nelson

Patrick O’Connor

Jenna Pedersen

Sam Reichman

Dominique Webb

2009                                                                                 2009

Allie Antrium

Michelle Arnold

Rachel Bernard

Tom Bolton

Slade Burns

Irene His

Taylor Huhn

Miles Simpson

Varsha Subramanyam

Maria Taboada

Robert Williams

Mikhail Yakhnis

2008                                                                                2008

Shelby Allen

Jordan Boucher

Charlotte Davis

Jessica Long

Libby Maese

Sara Pyle

Mark Thomas

Mary Weatherholt

2007                                                                                 2007

Tom Chaffee

Anna Creaden

Mary glen Fredrick

Megan Godsey

Katrina Kutchko

Bailey Olsen


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