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Summer Reading

The Grapes of Wrath and Yellow Raft in Blue Water


Read the following books and short stories for the start of the school year — We will work on projects and essays when the school year starts — You do not need to the projects before the school year

John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath

Michael Dorris’s AYellow Raft in Blue Water

How It Feels to be Colored Me (here)

A and P (here)


Summer Reading Activities (here)

Summer Reading Annotations (here)

Summer Reading Point Breakdown (here)

Summer Reading Activities Rubric (here)

Summer Reading Activities Examples I (here)

Summer Reading Activities Examples II (here)

Personal Essay (here)

Personal Essay Notes (here)

Personal Essay Notes II (here)

Personal Essay Examples (here)


CNN Article on Life on a Native American Reservation (here)

The Marlboro Marine–A Modern Soldier’s War Experience (here)

Which Way Home Documentary on Immigrant Children on the Train of Death (here)

Time Article on the Fall of the Automotive Industry (here)

National Geographic Article on Immigration from Guatemala to Mexico (here)

FWD.US Immigration Reform (here)

Chipotle Scarecrow Ad (here)

Rage Against the Machine Ghost of Tom Joad (here)


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