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Shot Composition

Shots and Composition

Course Notes

Video Production Notes (here)

Filming Tutorials

American Film Institute Handbook (here)

VideoMaker: How to Shoot a Film (here)

Cyber College (here)

Vimeo Video School (here)

Shooting Notes

Basic Camera Shots (here)

30 Shots to Know (here)

10 Shots for Photojournalism (here)

Shooting for Dummies (here)

CNN Shoot Video Like a Pro (here)

Time Magazine Why TV is So Addicting (here)

How to Shoot B-Roll — Seamstress (here)

Composition Notes

Videomaker Shot Composition Video (here)

Photography Composition Examples (here)

New York Times Photography Blog (here)

Movement Notes

Videomaker Shot Movement Video (here)

Industry Terminology

Film Terminology (here)

Radio Terminology (here)


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