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BTF Hall of Fame

BTF Hall of Fame (here)

Gatewood Writing Samples

Gatewood’s This I Believe Speech (here)

Gatewood’s Statement of Teaching Philosophy (here) 2013 KU Wolfe Teaching Excellence award recipient (here)

Gatewood’s “The Shortcut” (here) 2013 Norman Mailer Writing Award national semifinalist

The Devil’s Sniglets

The Official Sniglet Dictionary of Bayonet English (here)


Great Gatsby NES (here)

Taco Via

Taco Via Website (here)

Friday Fun Videos

Big Bang Boom Stop Motion (here)

Blue Angels Test Drive (here)

Boom Goes the Dynamite (here)

Chuck Testa (here)

Fresh Guacamole (here)

Grape Stomp (here)

Marcel the Shell (here)

Miss South Carolina (here)

QVC Sword (here)

Stark County Treasurer (here)

Thought Leader (here)

Train Guy (here)


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