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Death of Salesman

Spring Break Portfolio

Personal Research Essay Rewrite

Fix all issues in the graded essay — annotate new final essay — share new final essay through Google Drive — Send new final essay to sogatewo@smsd.org

Intro — Label the following parts: Personal context, Novel context, Thesis/Question

Body Paragraphs — Color the following parts: Main Idea Sentence (Blue), Examples (Red), Explanations (Yellow), and Concluding Sentence (Blue)

Outro — Label the following parts: Recap ideas, Connections/Extensions, Final big idea

Rewrite Notes (here)

Essay Examples (here)

MELCON Model (here)

Death of a Salesman Exam

Each part gets its own sheet of paper — Each part is handwritten — Each part needs to follow MELCON paragraph model — Staple 4 responses and 2 study guides into 1 packet

Death of a Salesman Exam (here)



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