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Presentation Notes (pdf)

Colonialism Review (pdf)

Argumentative Writing Notes (pdf)

Argumentative Writing Rubric (pdf)

Creating Impactful Slide Decks (web)


Lesson Plan Handout (pdf)

Lesson Plan Rubric (pdf)

Paine and Henry Analysis (pdf)

AP Abigail Adams Analysis (pdf)

AP Alfred Green Analysis (web)

AP Ben Franklin Multiple Choice (pdf)


Bradford–CBS Sunday Morning’s History of American Gothic (web)

Bradford–History of Plymouth and Jamestown (web)

Bradford–This is America Charlie Brown (web)

Bradford–History Channel Mayflower Song (web)

Rowlandson–Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning (web) and (web)

Rowlandson–Elizabeth Smart Discussion of Captivity (web)

Edwards–This American Life’s Devil on My Shoulder (web)

Edwards–Time Magazine How We View God (web)

Edwards–History Channel Salem Witch Trials (web)

Equiano–Daily Show Interview of Malala Yousafzai (web)

Equiano–The A21 Campaign (web)

Equiano–Reading Rainbow Songs of Slavery (web)

Equiano–TEDxKC Off Course It Matters (web)

Equiano–TED The Atlantic Slave Trade (web)

Equiano–TED Illuminating the World of Modern Slavery (web)

Equino–The Shrimping Industry and Child Slavery (web)

Franklin–Glass Harmonica (web)


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