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1800s Literature Notes (here)

Poe Notes (here)

Bierce Notes (here)

Gilman Notes (here)

Gilman Text (here)

London Notes (here)

Emerson and Thoreau Notes (here)


Emerson and Thoreau Study Guide (here)

Resistance to Civil Government Group Work (here)

Resistance to Civil Government Images (here) and (here)

Pitch Presentation Instructions (here)

Pitch Presentation Rubric (here)

University of Washington Business English Pitch Tips (here)

AdWeek PSA Discussion Board (here)


Bierce–Situational Irony Commercial (here)

Bierce–Situational Irony Commercial (here)

Bierce–Twilight Zone of Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (here)

Bierce–Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (here)

Bierce–Devil’s Dictionary (here)

Emerson/Thoreau–The Third Teacher Education Reform (here)

Emerson/Thoreau–Transparent Eyeball in Haiti (here)

Emerson/Thoreau–Welcome to Aleppo (here)

Emerson/Thoreau–The Bloodshed Behind Cheap Clothes (here)

London–Grizzly Man Trailer (here)

London–Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek (here)

London–Darwin Awards (here)

London–Ben Saunders “Why Bother Leaving the House?” (here)

Poe–Taken Flash Movie (here)

Poe–Extreme Haunted Houses (here)

Poe–Why Things Scare Us (here)

Poe–New York Times Article on Modern Horror Films (here)

Poe–Edgar Allan Poe Society (here)

Poe–HP Lovecraft Stories (here)

Gilman–Hanna Rosin “The Rise of Women” (here)

Gilman–Poisonous Wallpaper of the Victorian Age (here)

Gilman–Lesson Plan (here)


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