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Beowulf, Hero

Beowulf (ELA4)


Beowulf Notes

Beowulf Review


Beowulf (19)

Beowulf Graphic Novel (51)

Dulce et Decorum Est (89)

Alfred Green Speech

NPR Does the NFL Pay for Pain?

The Ethicist Is It Wrong to Watch Football?


Personal Narrative  Assignment  MLA Format   6 Trait Writing Rubric  Narrative Notes

Beowulf Epic Hero Paragraph  MELCON  Epic Hero Traits

Personal Values  Paragraph  List

Annotation Passage  AP Okefenokee Swamp Activity

College Research  Instructions

Resume  Format  Samples

5×5 Video  Project  Examples  Shots  Bonus 1  Bonus 2

Kennings  Definition  Activity  Word Sneak  Sniglets

Thank You Note  How-To


Beowulf Character Chart

The Hero’s Journey

TPFAST / TPCAST (Example) (Practice)



Daniel Pink Pitch and Persuade – One Word Branding

Harry Campbell Seven Words  Here

New York Times Girl Boxer  Video  Lenses

Newsela Hero Stories  Here  Here

Sports Commercials  Nike  Under Armor  Adidas

The Surrender  Painting  Questions



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