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Final Exam

Final Exam

Final Exam Rewrite Notes and Instructions

Final Exam notes and rewrite instructions (here)

*Out of Class Analysis Essay (Bring PRINTED COPY to Final)

*Choose one of two prompts – Question 2 of AP Exam

Sanders (2007 AP Exam)

Chavez (2015 AP Exam)

*Type five paragraph analysis response

-Organize by shifts/movements

-Use MELCON model for body paragraphs

-Color code paragraphs

-Blue/Main idea and Concluding * Red/Examples * Yellow/Explanations

-Bring printed and color coded essay to class

-Bring annotated analysis essay prompt to class

*In Class Argumentative Essay (Write during Final)

See Question 3 from these AP Exams

Topic One

Topic Two

Essay Examples

Charity Question

Corporate Question

Intro – Context and Thesis (outline talking points)

Body Paragraphs – 3 Paragraphs

– Use logos and pathos to support

– Use examples and imagery to show

– Address the opposition (yes…but)

Outro – Call to Action (include rhetoric)

Tool Kit

*Analysis Peer Edit Form and Argumentative Rubric (here)

*MELCON Paragraph Model (here)

*Argumentative Essay Model (here)

*Analysis Essay Model (here)

*Persuasive Writing Notes (here)


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