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Writing Resources

Writing Process 

Pro Con Resources (here)

New York Times 200 Topics (here)

Persuasive Writing Notes (here)

TPFAST Text Analysis Tool (here)

Text Evidence Graphic Organizer (here)

Analyzing Resources (here)

UNC Paragraph Model (here)

Melcon Paragraph Model (here)

Analysis Essay Model (here)

7Cs of Argumentation (here)

Argumentative Essay Resources (here)

Kibin Argumentative Model (here)

Quote Integration (here)

MLA Format (here)

MLA Citation Template (here)

EasyBib (here)

Peer Edit Form (here)

Grading Rubrics (here)

Grammar Codes (here)

Writing Concepts 

Writing Packet (here)

AP Writing Tips (here)

American Scholar Writers on Writing (here)

Poynter Institute’s 50 Writing Tools (here)

Poynter Institute’s Hey You See So Method (here)


Paine and Henry Analysis (here)

College Essay Writing Assignment (here)

Common Core Close Reading Activities (here)


Harry Reid Word Spin (here)

Petition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide (here)

Kevin Kling’s “Great Beaver Rescue Effort” (here)

Planet Money’s “3rd Presidental Candidate” (here)

New York Time’s Review of American Kitchen and Bar (here)

Salon’s Take on Guy Fieri (here)

Marketplace’s Tips for a Pitch (here)


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