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AP Green Civil War Essay

AP Green Civil War Essay Prompt (here) Sample AP Responses with Scoring (here) Sample Student Response with Outline (here) MELCON Paragraph Model (here) Essay Rewrite Instructions (here)

AP Exam

Language and Composition Sample Essays and Scoring (here) Literature and Composition Sample Essays and Scoring (here) Language and Composition Exam Notes (here) Strategies for Multiple Choice Exams (here) Strategies for Essay Exams (here) List of AP Resources (here) AP Writing Resources (here) Review of Key AP Exam Terms (here) Common Core Reading Strategies (here) Writing … Continue reading

Personal Research Essay

Personal Research Essay Question Stems (pdf) Research Essay Assignment (pdf) District Argumentative Rubric (here) MELCON Paragraph Model (here) MLA Format (here) Into the Wild Essay Examples (here) KC by Bike Image Examples (here) Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie (here)

AP Conformity and Technology Persuasive Essays with Documentation

The Homework *Write full essay responses to Question 1 on both the 2010 Exam and the 2009 Form B Exam 2010 Question 1 Prompt and Documents (here) 2009 Form B Question 1 Prompt and Documents (here) *Print and annotate and affix all documents to their respective essays *Cite at least 3/4 of the sources in your … Continue reading

Writing Resources

Writing Process  Pro Con Resources (here) New York Times 200 Topics (here) Persuasive Writing Notes (here) TPFAST Text Analysis Tool (here) Text Evidence Graphic Organizer (here) Analyzing Resources (here) UNC Paragraph Model (here) Melcon Paragraph Model (here) Analysis Essay Model (here) 7Cs of Argumentation (here) Argumentative Essay Resources (here) Kibin Argumentative Model (here) Quote Integration (here) … Continue reading

AP Humorist Essay

Humorist Essay Prompt (here) Humorist Essay Examples (here) Humorist Essay Notes (here)

AP A White Heron Analysis Essay

Online Short Story Analysis Tutorial (here) Sarah Orne Jewett Biography (here) Story on the Killing of the Oldest Living Tree (here) and (here)

AP Sanders Staying Put Analysis Essay

Scott Russell Sanders’s Staying Put essay prompt (here) Scott Russell Sanders’s Staying Put scoring guide (here) Sanders’s “Inheritance of Tools” (here)

AP Space Essay

Question AP Space Essay (here) Links Randy Pausch Last Lecture (here) Intellectual Ventures (here) X-Prize for Space Plane (here) Virgin Galactic Space Travel (here) Hubble Telescope Photos (here) Mars Rover Photos (here) Moon Landing Hoax Myths Debunked (here) TED Convention Sixth Sense Device (here) Lunar Rover Found (here) Buzz Aldrin Dancing with the Stars (here) … Continue reading