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Commercial Notes

Commercial Notes (here)

Radio Show PSA Notes (here)

NPR Computers that Know What You Need (here)

Funny Commercial Examples

Chuck Testa (here)

Mr. W (here)

Statoil (here)

Doritos (here)

Trunk Monkey (here)

Professional Commercial Examples 

Nike Snow Day (here)

Nike Soccer Commercials (here) and (here)

Nike Iron Nun (here)

Adidas Break Free (here)

Under Armor Michael Phelps (here)

Extra Gum (here)

Liquid 9 Examples (here)

Kansas Lottery Zombie Bike (here)

Wendy’s Pretzel Burger (here)

PSA Examples

Organ Donor PSA (here)

Real Cost of Smoking PSA (here)

Student Commercial Examples

STN Hurley Winner (here) and Not Winner (here)

Grow A Date (here) and Remake (here)

Retro Commercial Examples

McDonalds (here)

Commercial Tutorials

How to Design a Logo (here)

Honda: The Making of an Ad (here)


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