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Editing, Sequencing

Sequencing and Editing

Sequencing and Editing

TED Tips for Editing (here)

MediaFlow Sequencing Video (here)

Videomaker 180 Degree Rule Video (here)

Videomaker Cuts on Action (here)

Videomaker Editing Tips (here)

Videomaker Transitions (here)

Shooting for the Edit (here)

Cut Techniques I (here)

Film Techniques I (here)

Film Techniques II (here)

Film Techniques III (here)

Film Examples 

Big Lebowski Opening (here)

Twin Peaks Opening (here)

Horse Slides Under Truck (here)

Jane Bordeaux Ma’agalim (here)

Oktapodi Short Film (here)

District 13 Sequence (here)

Stop Motion Examples 

Fresh Guacamole Short Film (here)

Submarine Sandwich (here)


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