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Week 1

Homework — Pay lab fee, Buy folder, Plan tour

Day 1 — Preview the course, Interview a partner for introductory speeches

Day 2 — Perform introductory speeches, Use speeches to generate potential tour topics, Introduce the storytelling process (Words*Pictures*Sounds), Discuss the cluster diagram and storyboard, Outline the stages of production

Day 3 — Review the preproduction stage of the storytelling process,  Explain the basic shot, angle, and movement vocabulary, Introduce the Vimeo 5×5 project, Show student 5×5 examples, Break into groups, Storyboard the 5×5 project, Shoot 5×5 project (Resource-5×5 Photo and Bored videos)

Day 4 — Review the Vimeo 5×5  project, Show examples of the Vimeo 5×5 project, Continue to shoot 5×5 project, Discuss the specs of the tour project

Week 2 

Homework — Finish 5×5 video, Plan tour storyboard, Write radio show 1 script, Shoot tour video (Resource-5×5 Art video)

Day 1 — Discuss tour specs, Show tour examples, Upload 5×5 project footage, Learn Adobe Premiere editing system, Plan tour storyboard (Resource-STN Man in Street video)

Day 2 — Discuss tour specs, Show tour examples, Upload 5×5 project footage, Learn Adobe Premiere editing system, Plan tour storyboard (Resource-Larping video)

Day 3 — Introduce radio show 1, Finish 5×5 video

Day 4 — Critique 5×5 videos, Write radio show 1, Plan television tour

Week 3 

Homework — Edit tour footage, Perform radio show 1, Plan commercial

Day 1 — Show radio show example script, Watch tour example (Resource-Royals video)

Day 2 — Show tour student example and professional example, Discuss editing schedule (Resource-Weight Room and Towson Bell videos)

Day 3 — Present commercial notes, Watch commercial example (Resource-Phelps Under Armor video)

Day 4 — Review commercial notes, Watch commercial examples (Resource-Doritos videos)

Week 4

Homework — Edit tour, Perform radio show 1, Plan commercial

Day 1 — Present cut notes, Watch commercial examples (Resource-Trunk Monkey videos)

Day 2– Present humor notes, Watch commercial examples (Resource-Mr. W and Coffee videos)

Week 5

Homework — Finish tour, Perform radio show 1, Write radio show 2, Shoot commercial

Day 1 — Review storyboards, Watch commercial example (Resource-Toy Story storyboard, Snow Day videos)

Day 2 –Discuss voice over and story telling, Watch tour example (Resource-Moon Marble storyboard)

Day 3–Introduce radio show 2 script, Watch tour example (Resource-Cafe Gratitude video)

Day 4–Recap commercial plan, Watch commercial example, Review structures and devices, Collect commercial storyboards (Resource-Kansas Lottery Zombie and Anti-Smoking PSA)

Week 6

Homework — Shoot and edit commercial, Perform radio show 2, Plan news

Day 1–Final commercial instructions, Export tour (Resource-Hurley videos)

Day 2–Watch and evaluate tour, Export tour (Resource-Grow-A-Date videos)

Day 3–Watch and evaluate tour, Introduce news

Day 4–Recap news instructions (Resource-Speed Cubing video)

Week 7

Homework — Edit commercial, Plan news feature, Perform radio show 2

Day 1–Recap radio show 2, Watch news examples (Resource-Kendama video)

Day 2–Discuss tour (Resource-Parkour video)

Day 3–Introduce Hurley project

Day 4–No school

Week 8 

Homework — Edit commercial due next Monday, Plan news feature, Perform radio show 2, Edit Hurley commercial due Friday

Day 1–Discuss news (Resource-Canoe video)

Day 2–Discuss news (Resource-Baseball is Back video)

Day 3–Recap commercials-(Resource-Student choice videos)

Day 4– Recap commercials — Hurley video due — News storyboard due (Resource-Chuck Testa video)

Week 9

Homework–Commercials due first block, Shoot news feature, Write radio show 3

Day 1 –Introduce radio show 3–Recap commercials

Day 2–Watch commercials–Recap news

Week 10

Homework — Edit news video, Perform radio show 3, Plan music video

Day 1–Discuss the good/bad of commercials, Introduce music videos, Distribute new schedule, Recap news and radio show 3

Day 2–Start news editing, Start radio show 3 shows, Discuss music video (Resource – Run, Blue Jeans, and Gooey videos)

Day 3–Discuss music video storyboard — Analyze Katchup storyboard (Resource – Reel Rebel storyboard video, Pixar storyboard example, Katchup storyboard)

Week 11

Homework — Plan music video, Edit news story, Perform radio show 3

Day 1 — Discuss shot sequencing — Review cut vocabulary (Resource — Videomaker cuts on action video)

Day 2 — Discuss shot sequencing (Resource — MediaFlow cut sequencing video)

Day 3 –Review camera movements (Resource–Course notes and Big Lebowski video)

Day 4 –Discuss story and structure (Resource –AFI shot guide and The Ghost of You music video)

Week 12

Homework — Plan music video, Edit news story, Perform radio show 3

Day 1–Discuss story telling (Resource — Oktopadi video)

Day 2–Discuss cuts and continuity (Resource–Videomaker The Rock video)

Day 3–Review news requirements–Discuss broll shot and movement strategies (Resource–Alaskan fashion video)

Day 4–Review news requirements–Discuss key features on news feature (Resources–News notes and Athletic Trainer video)

Week 13

Homework–Shoot music video, Write radio show 4

Day 1–Review news–Discuss hard vs. soft news (Resources–Alex Gordon catch video and NPPA How to Tell Story video)

Day 2–Discuss radio show 4–Recap music video (Resources–Excerpts from last semester video production music videos)

Day 3–Watch news features–Write radio show 4–Discuss sports announcing

Day 4–No school

Week 14 

Homework–Edit music video, Perform radio show 4, Record sports announcing

Day 1–Review cut techniques and vocabulary — Recap requirements for music video and radio show 4 (Resource–Cut Techniques I video)

Day 2–Review cuts (Resource–District 13 movie clip)

Day 3–Review cuts–Discuss stop motion cut technique (Resource–Christmas Vacation scene, Fresh Guacamole video, Thomas Hadden project)

Day 4–Showcase former student work (Resource–Mission Impossible video, Rigged trailer, Celluloid Dreams short film)

Week 15

Day 1–Discuss music video contest criteria (Resource–STN Music Video winner)

Week 16

Homework–Edit music video, Perform radio show 4, Record sports announcing

Day 1–Recap radio show 4, Discuss shooting for cuts (Resources–4 ways to save time in post video, Types of film cuts Willy Wonka videos)

Day 2–Discuss how to improve video with movement (Resource–Videomaker camera movement video, Journey Don’t Stop Believing video)

Day 3–Analyze Baseball Storyboard, Watch PSA example (Resource–Sleep Deprivation PSA)

Day 4–Assembly day–Jump right into work

Week 17

Homework–Edit music video, Make up radio shows, Record sports announcing

Day 1–Discuss stages of production, Show student example (Resource–College Basketball Experience tour)

Day 2–Discuss shots, movements, angles, Show movie scene example (Resource–Meet the Parents clip)

Day 3–Review commercial terminology, Show PSA example (Resource–Sandy Hook PSA)

Day 4–Review news terminology, Show news example, Intro 10 Sec Film Fest Final Exam project (Resource–NBC news feature about Pearl Harbor survivor)

Week 18

Homework–Export music video, Make up radio shows, Eval sports, Shoot 10 Sec Film Fest

Day 1 — Review cut terminology, Recap 10 Second Film Fest (Resource — District 13 clip)

Day 2 — Review 10 Second Film Fest, Discuss Sports Announcing (Resource — Vimeo 1 second examples, Behind the scenes with Mitch Holtus)

Day 3 — Review final exam, Make up Radio Shows,  Export Music Videos, Export 10 Second Film Fest, Turn in Sports Evaluations

Day 4 — Take final exam, Watch 10 Second Film Fest, Watch Music Videos


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