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Macbeth Play 

Audio (here)

Movie Trailer (here)

Macbeth Notes 

Macbeth Notes (pdf)

Renaissance Notes (pdf)

Act I Study Guide (pdf)

Act II Study Guide (pdf)

Act III Study Guide (pdf)

Act IV Study Guide (pdf)

Macbeth Activities

Macbeth Activities Instructions (pdf)

Macbeth Activities Rubric (pdf)

Macbeth Activities Notes (pdf)

MELCON Paragraph Model (pdf)

Macbeth Narrative Example 1 (pdf)

Macbeth Narrative Example 2 (pdf)

Macbeth Narrative Example 3 (pdf)

Psalm 32 Analysis Example 1 (pdf)

Psalm 32 Analysis Example 2 (pdf)

Macbeth Connections 

Shakespeare Insults (pdf)

Del Close Skull (pdf)


Sonnet Notes (pdf)

Sonnet Activity (pdf)


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