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Death of Salesman

Death of a Salesman (AP Lang)


Death of a Salesman Notes (here)

Death of a Salesman Infographic (here)

Death of a Salesman New York Times (here)


Death of Salesman Audio (here)

Death of Salesman Movie (here)

Biff Loman Soliloquy (here)

Study Guides

Study Guide Act 1 (here)

Study Guide Act 2 (here)

Triptych Project 

Triptych Project (pdf)

Triptych Rubric (pdf)

Triptych Examples (pdf)

AP Essay Prompts

On the Want of Money (pdf)

The Company Man (pdf)

Is College Worth the Cost? (prompt) (scoring)


The Art of Interviewing (here)

Mock Interview Questions (here)

Garmin Research on Gen Z (here)


Hunter S. Thompson Letter on Meaning and Purpose in Life (here)

Pew Research on Attitudes Toward Teenager Social and Emotional Concerns (here)

Pew Research on Attitudes Toward the Future of America (here)

World Economic Forum Social Mobility Index (here)

The Happiness Curve (here)

The Red Queen Effect: Avoid Running Faster and Faster to Stay in the Same Place (here)

New York Times The American Dream Quantified at Last (here)

NPR/Hidden Brain The IKEA Effect and Willy’s Dream (here)

Atlantic Don’t Sneak: Father’s Advice to Gay Son (here)

Forbes 7 Crippling Parent Behaviors (here)

NPR How Likely Will Your Kid Turn Pro (here)

New York Times What Drives Success (here)

Forbes No Bozos Policy (here)

NPR/Hidden Brain The Effect of Angry Tweets (here)

NPR When Parents Have Favorites (here)

Wall Street Journal $75,000 and Happiness (here)

American Scholar Class Therapy (here)

Hanna Rosin “The Rise of Women” (here)


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