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AP Lang Exam Review

AP Lang Exam Important Info

The AP Lang Exam will be May 20.

It will be a rhetorical analysis essay.

The notes from April 8 walk through the entire analysis essay process.

AP Exam Testing Dates for All Exams

AP Exam Resource Folder

AP Lang Exam Video Notes (Starting April 8)

AP Lang Exam Video Notes (Starting March 23)

AP Lang Exam YouTube Reviews

Analysis Essay Outline

College Board Webinar Updates 1

College Board Webinar Updates 2

=Each week in the setlist, I have included 2 AP Lang analysis essay prompts.  I would recommend writing a full analysis essay each week.  You need to get into the rhythm of writing for 45 minutes.  If you want feedback, you can send me your drafts, and I will give you comments.

=As a reminder, we taught lesson plans on 6 AP analysis prompts, and then you wrote an essay about one of the prompts. Lesson Plan Unit

=You also wrote an analysis essay on your final exam to the Scott Russell Sanders’s Staying Put prompt. Final Exam Unit


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