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Course Expectations

The Honors/Advanced Placement English courses at Shawnee Mission South will distribute novels to students on the first day of school.  Students will be tested on the novels after the first two weeks of school.  Students must be prepared to read their novels while simultaneously completing other in-class activities — the discussion of the novel, the annotation of texts, the analysis of character and theme, the practicing of AP skill sets, and the review of grammar and vocabulary.  The novel list will be distributed at a spring meeting.  Students may choose to read the novels over the summer in preparation for the start of the school, but summer reading is not required or mandatory.

Opening Novels

10th–Fahrenheit 451

11th–Things They Carried


English 11AP Expectations 

Gatewood Course Syllabi (pdf)

District Course Syllabi (pdf)

Shawnee Mission South Honors Program Expectations 

Honors Contract (pdf)

AP Course Consideration (web)

Course Communication 

Department Website (web)

Bayonet Twitter (web)

Bayonet Facebook (web)

Introductory Activities

A Letter to the Teacher (word) (pdf)

Introductory Speeches (word) (pdf)

Psychological Free Write (word) (pdf)

Myers Briggs Test (pdf)

Myers Briggs Results (pdf)

16 Personalities (web)


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